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Project Description

While working as a front-end developer for Blue Water, I was tasked w/ porting over the website of the American Association for Justice to a mobile app version for Android/iOS using PhoneGap. The site had already been built by Blue Water earlier last year; I was just carrying through the final stages of development for this project.

In building the AAJ Mobile App, this was my first time building an app using PhoneGap, and it was an extensive learning experience. Using tools like Git, Sublime Text, Filezilla, VPN, etc., I was able to port the already built responsive website into an application portal format that worked successfully on Android and iOS platforms. With some timely help from my teammates, I was able to build, test, debug, authorize, and deploy the final applications w/ certain requirements in place for both versions to make them different for users viewing AAJ’s responsive website.

View the app via iTunes:

Via the Google Play Store:

Project Details

  • Client American Association of Justice c/o Blue Water
  • Date May 6, 2015
  • Tags Mobile, Web Development
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