GigiTops, LLC

Clothing E-Commerce Site

Project Description

This was a new project that I was introduced thru my friend Jen McClaning. She, along w/ partners Ken Nelson, Helen Moore, and Alexandra Dunbar-Fernandez teamed up along w/ me to put together a minimal, sleek, animated, and responsive presence online for their new t-shirt company, GigiTops, LLC. Starting off a small t-shirt printing company, eventually expanding to frontiers beyond. It’s a fun project for me, and one where I’ll be adding more updates shortly…

Site Features

  • Customized theme made for WordPress for client. 100% responsive and it works seamlessly on mobiles and up. Dark, minimal color template.
  • Masonry-based layout scheme used to present the latest products and fashions posted to GigiTops. The design auto-scales and adjusts position based on the amount of screen real estate available. Complete w/ CSS3 animations to allow a smooth user experience across all modern web standards.
  • Blog w/ auto-formatting for video/audio posts built-in. YouTube/SoundCloud/etc. get automatically formatted w/ special layout options when posting new content.
  • Social media promo ready features integrated into blog posts. As users add new content – it can be instantly posted directly to Facebook/Twitter directly from the backend interface. This streamlines delivery of content from a single point of origin.
  • Google Analytics integrated to measure and report back to the user about traffic sources and site metrics at a single glance. Various demographic/technical details all available.
  • Advanced caching system used to speed up response times across all pages. Using GZIP compression, and automated garbage collection – the site has been able to achieve average page render times under 2 seconds.
  • Integrated contact form with anti-spam filtering.
  • WooCommerce™-enabled online store completely secured using 128Bit SSL throughout the site. Ensures customers can safely and easily make transactions for the latest shirts provided by GigiTops through their phones and up. Payments processed securely via PayPal for all customers, new and old.

Project Details

  • Client GigiTops, LLC
  • Date June 5, 2014
  • Tags Design, E-Commerce, Mobile, Web Development
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