Kidney News

Drupal Site Buildout / Training

Project Description

Kidney News is the new website released by the American Society of Nephrology. It is a Drupal-based CMS site that covers the latest news/updates from Kidney News, their monthly association newsletter. This was my first major Drupal project and it involved the following tasks:

  • Custom staging server built-out w/ Drupal 7 CMS and additional client-specific features.
  • Custom Drupal theme development w/ corresponding SASS/CSS/assets.
  • Custom site taxonomy that reflected a combination of client-specific needs, along w/ a taxonomy that worked interchangeably w/ online-only vs. magazine-specific content.
  • Responsive styling that allows the site to work on mobile phones and up. Custom template elements show/hide in place as screen sizes increases, or decreases.
  • Implementation of various carousels and sliders throughout site to manage custom content types that showcase articles/site features.
  • Twitter/Facebook/Email integration sitewide to share articles, view feeds, etc.
  • Customized podcasting module that auto-updates the website in conjunction w/ iTunes Podcast feed updates.
  • Worked in conjunction w/ client, publisher, and another BWM developer in coordinating/testing/refining a PHP import script that successfully traversed JATS-formatted XML/PDF packages released for each successive issue of Kidney News.
  • Designed custom online manual using Twitter Bootstrap to provide an easy-to-use mobile-friendly online reference for anyone tasked w/ updating the website. Also integrated website training session directly into help guide, and provided HTML5 compatible videos to allow playback thru any mobile phone/ tablet / desktop computer.

Project Details

  • Client American Assoc. of Nephrology c/o Blue Water
  • Date June 1, 2015
  • Tags Mobile, Web Development
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