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As a birthday gift, I created a new logo/identity for my dear friend Tonja. She DJs as Moody Moore in the DC area, and has been doing that for the last 15 years now.

The logo was a collaborative effort between her and myself over the course of a few hours during a weekend. I simply began assembling an idea of a shield using the letters MM. After scouring the web for a proper typeface that could be manipulated to good effect. I distorted the type layout and created the lower half of a shield-like design, and then showed it to her.

She immediately picked up on what I was trying to do and exclaimed “Ah, that’s awesome! Now all it needs is a skull on top.” Back to the interwebs for more art possibilities…

After searching for another 15-20 minutes and not having the luck we were hoping, I suddenly had a flash of inspiration: I already HAD the right skull drawing for this, and it was in an old logo design I had submitted for consideration, but it had not been used for the client’s final version…

I went back to my old file and transposed the skull design I had into the letter “shield” I had created from her DJ name initials. Immediately, once I had superimposed the two together, we both shared an “Ah ha!” moment and instantly fell in love with the combined result.

All of a sudden, we had a logo that represented a street deathknight donned w/ headphones and traces of junglism punctuated thru dark headphone cups and a Kangol-esque cap. The logo also draws inspiration from “The Punisher” in terms of its stripped down appearance and styling. We ran with it and created promo imagery for her latest studio mix, as well as art for Facebook and other social media sites.

Along with a new brand to represent her, I created a quick one-page website that covered the following:

  • Biography
  • Image Gallery / Slideshow
  • Latest mixes available on Mixcloud and Soundcloud
  • Latest gigs coming up around the DC Metro area and beyond
  • Responsive contact form w/ CAPTCHA to prevent bots.

As a personal project, the site’s a work in progress, but it’s a great start so far. As more content is added, newer features, such as a more advanced image gallery and additional promotional tools will be upgraded.

Project Details

  • Client DJ Moody Moore
  • Date May 5, 2015
  • Tags Design, Mobile, Print, Social Media, Web Development
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