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Project Description

I’m proud to announce the release of a new site for Rhythm & Culture Music — a DC-based music label specializing in electronic dance music of the house / latin / downtempo / moombahton / funky varieties. Led by DJ Farid of Eighteenth Street Lounge, this label has been steadily increasing the bar w/ quality releases from Farid, Thomas Blondet, Second Sky, and many more artists and collaborators from around the world.

The new site is completely updated w/ HTML5 tools for viewing all music / videos / media across any portable and desktop device in existence. 100% free of Flash, this ensures that the site will reach everyone with a smartphone and better. Built around WordPress 3.3, the new Rhythm & Culture site will provide a slew of new features & info for users, including:

  • Soundcloud integration throughout. Samples of music can be played from any pages using the embedded HTML5 players. Tracks can also be purchased thru the player itself, but are also provided as links in the RELEASES/REMIXES section.
  • An automated events calendar. Events can be quickly glanced via the sidebar widgets on the homepage or inner-pages, or via the calendar page itself. Each event is richly detailed and even allows the user to subscribe to upcoming events via Google Calendar for easy synchronization to a mobile device or personal schedule program.
  • A plethora of media in the form of Rhythm & Culture videos / music releases / albums / remixes / dj mixes / and more. They are posted liberally throughout the site, but the majority of the content is posted under MEDIA.
  • Comments are handled using DISQUS, a well-known comment plugin for WordPress that allows easy SPAM detection and moderation via an elegant web interface.
  • A newsletter plugin manages guestlist subscriptions and allows easy dispatching of HTML emails to promote upcoming events / music releases / remixes / etc.
  • The site is also integrated w/ all social networks (posts will link to the Rhythm and Culture Facebook fan page, and to Twitter automatically once a new story is added to the site) and also has full SEO integration to ensure high visibility across all major search engines.
  • The site can also be edited remotely using the XML-RPC protocol support built directly into WordPress. This allows users to add/edit/update their site via their smartphone wherever they are. Videos, music, links, etc. can all be added by a mobile device as well as by desktop client to keep fans in the loop when touring.
  • Lastly, using WPTouch, the site also has a built-in smartphone formatted theme that pleasantly presents the latest news from Rhythm & Culture in an easier-to-read mini format. This is automatically activated by any mobile device visitng the site for the first time and can be toggled on/off depending on how the user wants to interact.

Project Details

  • Client Rhythm & Culture Music
  • Date October 2, 2013
  • Tags Design, Web Development
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