Friendship Heights Village

Website Redesign

Project Description

The Village of Friendship Heights was in need of an updated web presence that embraced all current platforms. Having long maintained a very basic HTML-only website, the challenge in creating an update to this solution was twofold: achieving a properly balanced design that would work well for the MD community, as well as additional learning/support provided to the client during their transition to new web technologies.

By baking together a custom version of GovPress, combined w/ Bootstrap 3 styling and script functionality, I was able to assemble a comprehensive update to their original website. In the end, after meshing together an Earthy color scheme, adding visual touches of their centennial publication/town layouts, and just the right amount of city elements throughout the design – it was complete.
Along w/ a complete migration to their servers, I also provided custom-written directions to manage their site going forward. After a minor series of questions in training, the new presence is appreciated and run autonomously by the city council of Friendship Heights Village, MD.

Project Details

  • Client City of Friendship Heights, MD c/o
  • Date June 21, 2016
  • Tags Design, Mobile, Social Media, Web Development
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