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Project Description

Swellgear was in dire need of a website makeover after their initial designer did not come thru w/ the clients’ expectations for their soon-to-be-relaunched website. I was brought into the effort by my friend and fellow graphic/ui/ux designer, Inna Kay, to re-do their online presence as quickly as possible.

We decided on a smooth single-scrolling page style site that could be managed w/ a blog in the backend. WordPress w/ a bootstrap-based template was an easy starting point for this solution. Within several days, a website was constructed and arranged according to Swellgear’s styleguide, provided by Inna, along w/ additional assets from Flickr™ CC-licensed images.

The current site boasts access to their online eBay store, along w/ multiple ways to communicate w/ them and see the latest in music scene news on their online blog. The site is responsive, and scales beautifully down to mobile phones and tablets, too.

The client is really happy w/ the last-minute re-do on their brand, and engagement has increased heavily thru social media, as well as thru their online presence since their site’s re-release.

Project Details

  • Client Swellgear.com (Natasha S, Steve B)
  • Date March 2, 2017
  • Tags Design, E-Commerce, Mobile, Web Development
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